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Haji Dargha

Haji Dargha A Muslim saint called Haji Pir believed to have originally come to India as a soldier in the army of Shahbuddin Ghori. Originally he was named as Ali Akbar. After giving up the service, he settled near village "Nara" and spent his days in the service of people. He laid down his life while trying to recover cows driven away by dacoits. After performing the Haj, he was known as Haji Pir and also known as Zinda Pir. People worship at Haji Pir Dargah and then proceed to Karol Pir Dargah 5 miles away.
Haji Pir is an important shrine strategically and culturally. Being close to the border between India and Pakistan, this shrine attracts devotees from Pakistan. Haji Pir has tremendous following among people of all religions. They say that whoever donates towards the construction, expansion and repair of the dargah, multiplies his own wealth. There are several such stories of devotees and donors to the dargah having become richer after the donation

Reach :
By Air :-Nearest airport Keshod -37kn & Rajkot -99km.
By Rail :-(Haji Dargha)Junagadh is directly connected to major towns.
By Road :-Palitana -213kms,Rajkot -99kms,Ahmedabad -315kms,Somnath -92kms,Mumbai -108kms,Jamnagar -184kms.

Best time to Visit:Anytime of the year.